Vancouver Freelance Graphic Design

— About Nicole

Nicole Gimenez is a cross-disciplinary graphic designer from BC.  She studied Graphic Design and Foundations of Design at the Art Institute of Vancouver where she graduated on the Dean’s List. She has gone on to work for Vancouver based businesses, spending some time at Di Morelli Skin Care  as well as the Medical Rejuvenation Center, where she got the opportunity to redesigning their product packaging and sharpen her digital design skills. After her time there she went on to work independently for numerous businesses as a freelancer.

When not working, Nicole is an incurable bird lover, spending time with her flock of 4 small parrots. She is also an artist, drawing as a source of entertainment and a lover of food.  Particularly samosas. She can out-eat anyone when it comes to samosas.

If you want to learn more about Nicole and her work, email her at